David Titus

Leader ship and staff

Cavalry’s Baptist Church’s Staff Members

  • Lindy Reed – Senior Pastor – Lindy has been with the church for over 7 years. He is a bible preaching Evangelistic Preacher. His Sermons are unique and straight from the bible. Expect here the word directly from the bible and an Invitation to be saved at each service.
  • Bridget Titus – Office Manager – Bridget is the Heart of the church. Her communication skills keep this fast-paced church running smoothly. On Tuesday evenings she is the coordinator for Outreach Visitation. Her Team will visit all prospects that have come in as well as visit Shut-ins. The gift basket her team prepares and hands out has made a huge impact.
  • Brenda Cook – Music Director – Brenda has been involved in all phases of music for the church for many years now. She has written numerous cantatas and special services over the years. She has played the Piano and keyboards for the church for 10+ years and we are lucky to have her.

  • Laura Milam – Custodian – Laura is one of the most hard-working servants we have here. She keeps our church clean and ready for services each week. She is not just a custodian she is a key part of the decorating committee and co-chair of the kitchen committee.

Leadership Members

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